Task Examples

At Home

Do my weekly shopping and drop at my home each Monday.

Let the electrician into the house at 11am this morning.

Change a lightbulb.

I’m sick in bed. Bring me some soup and DVDs and get my prescription filled at the chemist.

Go to Ikea and buy me an Expedit bookshelf.  Deliver and assemble it in my living room.

It’s my wife’s birthday in a couple of weeks. I want you to pick up her present, have it wrapped, buy a card and deliver to my office.

Please collect my dress from my office and arrange to have it repaired.

I’ve got people coming for dinner this evening and I’m stuck at work. Can you do the grocery shoppin, pick up flowers, wine and then help set the table.

My cleaner is moving. Can you recommend another and get me a quote?

There’s been a death in the family. We need some help organizing the funeral and visitors coming from out of town.

I need you to get the dog clippered.

I need to have a dent repaired on my car. Can you find me two companies that seem reasonably priced? I’ll also need you to arrange to have it dropped off and returned.

At Work

I need a second set of eyes to proofread a marketing proposal. Would you mind reviewing?

Can you create a spreadsheet in Excel with all my clients in it?

Can you organise printed Christmas cards and corporate gifts in the $50-$100 price range for my clients?


My laptop just crashed. Can you arrange to get it repaired?

I am looking for a bottle of 47 Lafleur for my parent’s anniversary this weekend. Can you locate and have delivered to my home by Friday?

Write me a list of the best restaurants with views in Sydney.

Wedding & Event Planning

I need you to deliver flowers and programs to the church on the morning of the wedding.

I need someone on the reception desk as guests arrive at the conference.

I need to purchase party decorations for my sister’s baby shower. The cake will be white with light blue accents. Can you purchase paper supplies, balloons and decorations and deliver to my house?

Help! I’m stuck at work and I’ve got guests coming for dinner

I need a private dining room to accommodate 12 guests this Saturday night. Can you locate a venue in Bondi that does not charge a room fee?

Dining & Entertainment

My boss is flying to town this week. She’s vegan. Can you recommend some restaurants?

The Fleetwood Mac concert is sold out. Can you help find us some tickets?

What are some suggestions for new restaurants to go to this weekend. There will be a group of ten. And where should we go to for a drink afterwards?

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